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$100 $90

The A4000 Floating Roof Lift table, for easy transfer
and patient positioning.

– Operated by a comfortable pedal, it frees your hands and prevents the table from being
inadvertently activated by the patient.

– In a wide range of cross-table procedures, you can rotate the
orthopaedic support for tubes on their vertical axis and use the rings of

– The extended travel of the orthopaedic support tube eliminates the
need for a platform during knee procedures with
weight bearing

– The Americomp orthopedic wall mount provides a receiver for
versatile film which may include a stationary fine line grid or a
bucky alternative.


– An elegant four-way flotation table included with a
Precision table bearing system.

– Crossed tables, weight-bearing knees, procedures in
the thorax, work on the table, everything is possible with the support for

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